Human, are you there?

Hey you! Yes you, human!

You are more than your body composition, you are more than your metabolic health, you are more than a strict follower of sick cultural norms, you are more than lifting weights in a cage-like space, you are more than you think you are.

Let me present yourself. You are the most complex mover on the planet. You can swim and you are not a fish, you can brachiate and you are not a monkey, you can climb but you are not a goat, you can crawl but you are not a bear. You are a human and you inherited a huge amount of movement patterns and qualities like no other animal. You are a complex receiver and transmitter of information. Your adaptation capacity is higher than any animal out there. Your plasticity is outstanding. You can perform well in a infinite amount of contexts and tasks. You can survive in sub-optimal conditions.

You are creative, resilient, plastic, strong, intelligent, fast, unique. Simply unique. Why don’t you respect that? How can you say “no” to a so good and capable body/mind? Why can’t you see that movement is the interface beetween you and the world? Why can’t you see that there is no option? Why can’t you see that movement doesn’t need an excuse like health or aesthetics? You like to move, i know you like. Don’t avoid it. Express yourself.

Respect yourself. You’re the greatest.

Move, now and tomorrow, there is no other way to live.

Stay on the move,


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