One of our big concerns is about building a sustainable practice. We live in a body until the end of our days. Over time, our body start to get some troubles in regenerating. Our tissues start to lose elasticity, our brain start to lose connections, our muscle mass decrease, our capacity to activate those muscles decrease, our sensory systems start to impair … all seems like a direct pathway to hell.


We can adopt two different mindsets: quit or adapt. Acceptance itself must be there all the time, but we can approach it in a way that adaptation comes to the surface and we keep moving like we always did, with additional constraints related to age. If you start to put aside and ignore the bad side effects of your practice while you are young, it will be much harder to manage them when you get older.

Life is chaotic and impredictable but our aim is to put some order within that chaos. But watch out, is not about running way from chaos, but yes embracing it. Most of people run away from it and they fall into over-protection, which eventually leads to vulnerabitily and the probability of injury increases along with it. Find the dose to control the response.

It’s not an option, for us, to develop a practice that destroys the body, even if it increases performance. However, at anytime there is a big probability of giving a stimulus superior to our capacity and hence we end up being injured or develop a certain condition. Failing is going to happen, soon or later. Even if we orient ourselves towards sustainability, our risk perception does not match real risk. The next question is: How do you react to that?

Our advices if you want to opt for a sustainable practice:

Bring awareness about your current state, understand how to manage internal load (and external load), sleep well, eat weel, control your mind and understand your fragilities, find the balance between frequency, duration and intensity of training, don’t overuse or underuse the body, give attention to the different parts of it, stimulate your brain through complex decision making, do the boring work, keep the bad tentations of this world away from you and manage your ego. Know and manage your reaction.

Move because you must, because you can and because it feels good.


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