Why don’t you learn anymore? It’s not only for children. You can learn as well and you can benefit from it – physiologically, physically and emotionally. You are not old. Do you have a body? Do you have a mind? Prove yourself that you deserve them!

Physiologically, adults that learn new motor skills or tasks can generate new synaptic links beetween neurons – Law of Hebb. It also can lead to the creation of new neurons (neurogenesis). The functional adaptations (activation of cortical regions) come primarly than the structural adaptations (neurogenesis and neuroplasticity) – like what happens with your muscles. What it means? You are nourishing your brain, you are preventing it from lack of activity and hence degeneration.

Physically, learning something new lead us to the understanding of a new technique, a different coordination of body part’s in space and time. If you increase your movement reportoire, you will have a hand full of cards that you can use to respond to the circumnstances and constraints of a certain context or task. More options, more mobility, more adaptability.

Emotionally, the process of acquiring something new is beautiful and ugly as well. You will fail one hundred times, you will quit for short periods of time, you will think “i can’t do this” and you will be frustrated. That’s how learning acts. It builds resilience, it builds adaptability and it develops work ethic like no other thing in this world. The beauty of it is dependent on how ugly is the process. Paradoxal isn’t it? The uglier is the process, the more it builds your character and that’s beautiful. Thriving and overcoming the obstacles is the way to really appreciate your accomplishments. How can you win, if you don’t even play?

Learn and make it a prioritie. Analyse your process. Commit yourself to it.

Learning is growing. Keep growing.



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