A meaningful life.

We are always searching for meaning in our lives. We are constantly searching for a guiding force. A force that is bigger than ourselves. Deep inside our essence, we want to recognize and love ourselves and we want to be recognized and loved by the world as well. How we do that? We pick a mission – our why. We stick to it. Of course there are some people that don’t feel this way. They don’t feel responsible for what happens with them or they simple ignore their potential to change the world for better – pure nihilism – absence of meaning.

Returning to the “Why” – the most important peace of the puzzle. If our why is solid enough, we can surely find meaning in life. We can handle everything that steps into our path – because the desired future is stronger than the cruel present. We have total acceptance over our emotions because we respect the process of becoming. And to become, we need to overcome many problems and frontiers that may block our passage to what stays after the mountain.

Love was never about hapiness or enjoyment. Love is about responsibility and care. The one who loves, will try to always find the light in the dark. The one who loves will embrace chaos. The one who loves, will accept suffering. The one who loves, will be loved. The one who loves, will have meaning in his life.

We, as origo, found our current mission – Educating (leading by example and delievering practical and theoretical information about human movement). The process is hard and unfair but a bless. It is what it is … and it’s full of meaning. We feel it. It might change with time (who knows…) but the secret is not on the mission itself – it lies within us. The “What” doesn’t mean nothing compared with having a “Why”.

Base your “Why” on love.


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