José Martins

Born in 95, he was a basketball, tennis and parkour practicioner. He lived all his life connected to nature and developed a true adventurous lifestyle. You should see him climbing, running and diving!

He is the guy whose love is infinite. With great sensitivity and receptivity, Zé has a not so normal way of caring and paying attention to other’s lives. He is a physiotherapist with special interest in pain science and meditation/hypnosis. A great and dedicated life-long learner, willing to share his knowledge with us all.

Ah, he is a Vegan and his forearms are stronger than popeye’s.

Pedro Martins

Born in 94. He was a soccer player since child (he played for 12 years). Although that, he developed a so capable body (in many contexts) and his learning process tends to be very quick comparing to the general public.

He has a degree in Sports science and he has a master in physical activity. A true thinker, a great student and a teacher like no other … His natural social skills and his passion while teaching is something that everyone should look for. His honesty and humbleness are out of this world, like his resilience and courage. A fighter, but a peacefull one.

João Miguel

Born in 95. He was a basketball, handball, parkour and tricking practicioner. He lived his childhood in Angola, full of nature and playing paradises. We call it “ninja” – easy to know why.

He has a degree in ergonomics and a master in exercise and health. A very consistent, responsible and hard worker, with a skill-set out of sight. He devotes much of his time exploring concepts and researching in and out of his body. A true missionary, willing to share his thoughts and practice with the world.

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